Health And Medical Question Assignment

Posted: August 18th, 2021

Health And Medical Question AssignmentI need this essay put into APA format and the format needs to be right and I will send it into my tutors at school to make sure everything is set up right and if it’s not and I need a lot of corrections I will ask for a refund I am done messing around and failing assignments I also need a better titleInformation Literacy AssignmentBrenna NormanGen499: General Education CapstoneSonja Bethune10/15/2021PROMPT 1: EXPERIENCE USING THE RESOURCESMy experience with using the resources at Arizona Global Campus Library was generally smooth and effective.I accessed the resources easily with a specific search, a situation that can be described as ultimate when it comes to a library search and efficiency. The Arizona Global Campus Library is good and has diverse types of sources, something that is worth noting with regards to what must be done for any type of library search. I gathered the right content within the library, a process that promoted quality and timely access to the resources. While using the library, I experienced an ease of search whereby the related topic and information were gathered in the right place, and synced through advanced filtration processes. The Arizona Global Campus Library is a good avenue for making things work, especially when it comes to research and getting verified information on various research topics. For the library, an improvement can be made on the fundamental search strategy based on schools and colleges. Getting information that are from different colleges is difficult and a specific description of the same is required.Prompt 2: how using the University of Arizona Global Campus Library has improved your experience in conducting researchThe University of Arizona Global Campus Library has improved my experience of conducting research by making available relevant sources easily, and as well ready based on the necessary focus on ideal aspects. Arizona Global Campus Library has various documents and research papers that are related, hence promoting and improving the process in which a student can use to gather information. The research process is usually procedural and achieving the milestones are necessary for helping solve the research needs Through the library, I retrieved the right content, and as well brainstormed on additional content related to specific topics of interest. The tutorials helped me get the right content through specific searches. A focused approach in making better decisions and working to accomplish the major deliverables in research promoted a location for the articles (Howard, Zwicky & Phillips, 2018). The library generally has some of the best content to help in making the best solutions,while focusing on the right content to get from the library in general.ReferencesHoward, H. A., Zwicky, D., & Phillips, M. (2018). Academic libraries support cross-disciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship. Journal of Library Administration, 70(2),20-43.Oliver, J. C., Kollen, C., Hickson, B., & Rios, F. (2019). Data science support at the academic library. Journal of Library Administration, 59(3), 241-257.

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