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This assignment is a prerequisite for Milestone One. In this assignment, you will utilize your new skills in JavaScript to refactor the website code based on the client wireframe. You will organize the default code and folder layout into a structure that reflects a Model View Controller (MVC) approach to the software design. Templating is a development technique used to build views dynamically. Handlebars (HBS) is a templating system offering extensibility and minimal logic that you will use in this assignment. You will learn about the application of HBS and MVC to produce efficient code that renders a website quickly. Follow the instructions in the MVC Routing section of the CS 465 Full Stack Guide. You will need to refactor the structure of the HTML travlr website using the MVC pattern (adding a route and controller). The website must align with the customer requirements found in the wireframe description (provided in the Project Guidelines and Rubric). You will continue this process for additional pages. Then you will begin implementing HBS templates. You will convert the static page to an HBS template page, then insert HBS directives to enable rendering of the views. Once completed, submit a zipped file folder of your assignment work. Be sure your submission addresses the following: Submit a zipped file folder that contains a new “app_server” folder with routes and views folders, as well as updates to app.js to register the new “traveler” controller class with the application. Please note: You will also “push” your local Git repository module2 branch to your GitHub repository. This procedure will become second nature to you as you move through the course modules. In the end, you will have a full stack web application with branches that represent key stages of building a full stack application leading up to full project completion. Requirements: As per instructions Build the appropriate MVC architecture for templating and rendering data for the website. Develop and run routes and controllers for a public website aligning to your client’s wireframe and software requirements. Utilize the HBS templating engine to place directives into templates, and an MVC approach to display features in the web application. Utilize the HBS templating engine to render HTML within the website.

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