Animation and printed Material
HMNT 3001C
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How the distribution mechanism control the issues addressed in the content of the artifacts.

The media is very significant in the perpetuation of ideologies and norms that concern a number of societal issues such as gender especially through animation and printed material artefacts. This is through the use of images, and also characters that depicts a conscience representation of ideas and values. Basically, the animated and printed media artefacts are neither neutral nor objective in their impartation of various ideologies. It is also important to note that the media is a mix of the reality of what happens in the society as regards issues of gender and the conveyance of ideas on the same (The Critical Media Project, 2013). The animated artifacts and also the print media artefacts heavily present their genres and gender stereotypes through well designed images and other representations. Whether through the fictional media, those involved in their production make choices offer light to the audiences on the use of characters and their features.
Different meanings around the issues on gender are represented by the animated and print media artefacts and that plays a major role in creating meaning and value around the same matter. The media just act as a channel of distributing what has come from the corners of power and that are intended to direct shape the and understand the people and cultural practices that surround us.

Control of the distribution of popular culture artifacts/elements.

The control of the distribution of the animated and printed material artefacts on issues such as gender is largely controlled by the several parties that take part in the production of the contents. These include the screen writers, directors, those who design the costumes and also the casting agents. Working interdependently, they are responsible for the choices that purpose to help the audience better understand the characters and what they stand for. This is through a number of methods such as use of clothing and relevant makeups as well as the character speakers.
The other role they play is making deliberate choices on the stories they tell and other frames for story telling which is non-fictional. On the same part, the Federal law strictly prohibits any distribution of content that is obscene, indecent and profane through the animated or printed material artefacts. The law put further diction on what artefacts are obscene, indecent and profane at the same time (The FCC,2013).

Ways that the controller of distribution affect the shared experience of the audience and community.

The use of animated and printed material artefacts aid in the sharing of meaning by the use of symbolic messages that reach a wide audience and the regional community at large. It becomes hard sometimes to get the difference of the messages conveyed since individuals can share some messages that are only meant for particular recipients in given region. The way some gender based information for instance is distributed to the receivers could cause an overlap of communication and the final message shared out. The distribution affect how people who belong to the same level such as working class receive the information and their utilization of it to derive some idea on issues that affect them regionally. Through the enforcement of the federal law on obscenity, indecency and profanity, the content that reach an intended audience in a certain region may be shared in a restricted manner such as late hours of the day to avoid reaching the young children for instance.

List of references

The Critical Media Project, 2013. Why Identity Matters .The Critical Media Project. Accessed 20th June, 2021.
The FCC, 2013. Obscene, Indecent and Profane Broadcasts. accessed 20th June,2021.

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